چراغ مگنتیک دکوراتیو

This is Travis.

They remain whithin their Families.

Now let's play whith DOTS and LINES

Travis Series

TRAVIS is a completely modular system made out of aluminum. The flexibility feature in Travis multi-track system makes it possible to create different shapes such as curve forms with silicon linear lights. Furthermore, it gives you the chance to shape whether a decorative wall-mount lighting or a ceiling-mount one. Not only does this cause a bouncing lighting effect, but it can also be employed to function as a task light. Various forms are feasible to make, thanks to Travis exclusive connections and joints. For instance, rails can be installed with any angles in different heights. In Travis system, the exceptional connections offer the opportunity to alter the angle of profiles or install them in two different heights. The concept of Travis multi-track system is based on dots and lines. Spot lights represent dot shape, while the lines are shown by linear lights. You can choose whether to light the dots or the lines.

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