چراغ مگنتی دکوراتیو

This is Travis.

They remain whithin their Families.

Now let's play whith DOTS and LINES

Travis Series

The series of "Travis" products is a fully modular and innovative multi-path system designed and manufactured by ModularPro Lighting Company. The round profile, along with distinctively designed magnetic modules, sets it apart from other multi-track profiles. In this system, you can consider multiple paths for the rail based on your own design, giving you the opportunity to arrange decorative wall or ceiling lighting as you wish. With the help of exclusive Travis connectors and joints, various shapes can be created. For example, you can install the rails at different angles and heights from each other. The concept of Travis multi-path is based on design with points and lines. One of its main features is the round cross-sectional shape of the profile. These lights, with modular connectors, are ideal for modern residential buildings, galleries, offices, and commercial spaces.

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