Advantages of using magnetic lighting system and magnetic lights in decorative lighting and modern architecture

Advantages of using magnetic lighting system and magnetic lights in decorative lighting and modern architecture

چراغ های مولتی ترک و مگنتی

چراغ های مگنتی یکی از جدیدترین نوآوری های صنعت روشنایی در دنیاست که امکانات بی نظیری جهت نورپردازی مدرن ارائه میدهد. در سیستم مگنتی یا مولتی ترک یک ریل به طول دلخواه وجود دارد که الکتریسیته به صورت محافظت شده درون آن جریان دارد و انواع ماژول های نورپردازی میتوانند بدون نیاز به هرگونه سیم کشی یا تمهیدات دیگر در هرکجای ریل قرار گرفته و روشن شوند. پتانسیل جا به جایی راحت چراغ های مگنتیک (PNP) سبب شده که طراحان، منابع نوری متنوع تری را جهت ایجاد تنوع در معماری داخلی به روزتر و فضایی با کیفیت تر به کار گیرند. کنترل این منابع نوری محدود به جا به جایی آسان آنها نیست بلکه میتوان هر چراغ مگنتیک را جداگانه خاموش و روشن و یا شدت نور آن را کم یا زیاد کرد.

راهنمای خرید چراغ های مولتی ترک و مگنتی

Fantastic innovation in interior design with magnetic modular lighting

Magnetic lighting is one of the fascinating innovations in the field of modern architecture and illumination, which has a noticeable impact on creating a modern and distinct appearance for interior architecture. This type of magnetic light, while being sophisticated and incorporating the latest technological advancements, provides unparalleled features in space design.
Due to its easy installation and flexibility in interior decoration and various spaces, magnetic lighting has become a popular choice in modern illumination. These lights, utilizing magnetic technology, easily facilitate changing their status and installation location, allowing designers and architects to create different illuminations suitable for any space ambiance.

نوآوری بی نظیر در طراحی داخلی با نورپردازی مگنتی مدولار

What is magnetic light

The Multi Track or Track Light is a type of LED light that connects to special rails using magnetic force. These lights have the ability to move and change direction, easily relocating. They can be installed as recessed, surface-mounted, or pendant lights, available in various types such as linear lights, spotlights, directional lights, and decorative lights. The magnetic light operates at a working voltage of 48 volts DC, which is highly suitable for user safety. These lights feature a minimal and modern design and are used for illuminating residential, commercial, industrial, and public spaces.

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The advantages of using the Multi Track system and magnetic lighting in modern architecture.

Magnetic lighting, as a versatile lighting tool, comes with numerous features in modern architecture. One prominent advantage of using this type of illumination in modern architecture is its high flexibility in space design. The magnetic light, with its easy installation and maneuverability, enables architects and interior designers to easily tailor the lighting according to the specific needs of each space.
In modern architecture, these lights effortlessly adapt to various spaces. From use in homes and interior decorations to workspaces and even public areas, these lights have the capability to create impactful and suitable decorative effects.
This type of lighting, by efficiently utilizing light, can intelligently illuminate spaces while simultaneously providing a unique and distinctive ambiance for any given space.

مزایای استفاده از سیستم مولتی ترک و چراغ مگنتی در معماری مدرن

Three key principles in illuminating any space that you should know.

To achieve proper and beautiful lighting, harnessing all the capabilities of illuminating an environment, you must always consider three layers of lighting in your space illumination. These layers, when stacked upon one another, make your space more attractive with highlights and shadow play, leading to showcasing the beauty of every design.
Ambient or General Lighting: In this type of lighting, the goal is to create overall illumination in a space without focusing on specific points. These lights are widely distributed in the space to enhance brightness, create a sense of calmness, and establish balance.
Task Lighting: This layer of lighting aims to illuminate a specific area or emphasize concepts such as stillness and tranquility or movement and flow in lighting design. Its purpose is to provide focused illumination to areas specifically requiring more light or shadow, for example, lighting for work desks, meeting tables in office environments, or hallway illumination in residential spaces.
Accent Lighting: In this type of lighting, the focus is on particular points or areas. Typically used in modern designs, it's often employed to highlight or emphasize specific elements within a space. A prominent example of this lighting layer includes lighting used to showcase artworks or interior decor elements.
A magnetic lighting system, with features such as adjustable light intensity, direction, and type, can implement all three lighting modes in design. The flexibility of these lights, allowing each light to be installed in desired locations or easily changed, is an enabling factor, turning this lighting system into a versatile system in design, capable of creating various lighting effects in any space.

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Magnetic lighting in residential spaces: Yes or No?

One of the frequently asked questions from the Modular Pro Lighting company sales collection is whether this type of lighting is suitable only for office or commercial spaces. Our answer to you is always 'No.' This lighting system, with its suitable design and diverse dimensions, can enhance the beauty of any space."
Magnetic Lighting in Home and Interior Decoration: Utilizing magnetic lighting in homes can add flair to interior decoration and create beauty and allure in the space. These lights can serve as focal points to emphasize decorative elements, as reading lights, or even as general lighting for the home.
Workspace Illumination with Magnetic Lighting: In work environments, magnetic lighting can play a significant role in providing appropriate illumination for tasks. This lighting tool can serve as task lighting over a desk or highlight essential elements in the workspace.
Using Magnetic Lighting in Public or Commercial Spaces: In public areas, commercial buildings, or public structures, magnetic lighting can serve as a simple and effective solution for illumination and increasing brightness in various locations. A crucial aspect of this lighting system is the ease of repair and maintenance of magnetic modules. If repair or maintenance is required, simply detach the light from the rail and easily reattach it after servicing.

چراغ مگنتی در فضاهای مسکونی، آری یا خیر؟

Everything you desire in adaptability: Multi Track systems.

One of the key advantages of the Multi Track lighting system is its capability to meet diverse needs. From highlighting specific areas to providing ambient lighting, the adaptability of this lighting system enables the provision of customized lighting solutions tailored to any setting. This flexibility empowers designers to create an atmosphere that aligns with the desired ambiance and purpose of the space.

هرآنچه از تطبیق پذیری می‌خواهید: سیستم های مولتی ترک

What are the differences between magnetic lighting and other lighting systems?

Differences between magnetic lighting and other lighting systems such as track lights, pendant lights, indoor lights, and outdoor lights can be outlined by considering the advantages and disadvantages of each. Here are some of these pros and cons:
1. Magnetic lighting offers greater flexibility compared to track lights. Track lights are fixed to the rail and need to be detached from one rail and reattached to another for relocation. Magnetic lighting, utilizing magnetic force, easily attaches and detaches from the rail, allowing for effortless repositioning. This feature enables adjusting the ambient lighting based on furniture layout and décor changes.
2. Compared to pendant lights and chandeliers, magnetic lighting possesses a simpler and more attractive design. Pendant lights typically involve hanging wires and cables from the ceiling, which may clutter and disrupt the space. However, magnetic lighting using concealed rails and magnetic power sources eliminates these issues, creating a unified and modern lighting ambiance.
3. Compared to older lighting options, magnetic lighting consumes less energy. Other lights often use fluorescent, halogen, or sodium lights, which have higher energy consumption and generate more heat. However, magnetic lighting utilizes LED lights, consuming less energy and generating less heat, leading to cost savings on electricity and environmental conservation.

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Types of installation methods and usage of magnetic lights.

There are various methods for installing magnetic lights. Here are some of these methods:
1. Recessed Installation: In this method, grooves are created in the ceiling or wall to accommodate iron rails. Magnetic lights can be easily installed and moved by attaching their magnets to these iron rails.
2. Surface Mounting: Iron rails are installed on the surface of the wall or ceiling. Similarly, magnetic lights can be effortlessly installed and relocated by attaching their magnets to these iron rails.
3. Pendant Installation: Magnetic lights can be installed and moved easily by attaching their magnets to iron rails. In this method, lights are suspended as pendants from the iron rails.
To install magnetic lights, you first need to install iron rails in the desired location. Then, by attaching the magnets to these iron rails, the magnetic lights can be easily installed. Similarly, for relocating the lights, you can detach them from the iron rails and move them to another location.

انواع روش های نصب و استفاده از چراغ های مگنتی

Why should we use multi-track and magnetic lights for illumination?

The magnetic light is an advanced lighting solution that, when connected to magnetic tracks, allows for easy swapping and movement of lights. This eliminates the need for rearranging wires or reinstalling fixtures, enabling you to achieve creative and personalized illumination effortlessly. The ease of changing and moving lights on the tracks, the ability to adjust light intensity and color, creating lighting scenarios, durability, aesthetics, adaptability to any design or space, and the wide range of product varieties are some of the reasons why the multi-track and magnetic lighting system has become the top choice for architects and designers in illumination.

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